Principal Message - AIIS Kuwait
Success is sweet but required a lot of sweat.

I have often said this while addressing students. If you have not shed sweat for what you want, then don’t shed tears for what you have lost.

Dear children,
Keep working hard, after all getting better should never stop. Mary Kom, the great Indian boxer, was once asked by a reporter to throw light on her success. She said that after every achievement, she would ask herself what next? Let one achievement be the stepping stone for the next one. Be progressive. The quest for knowledge has no limits, no boundaries, and no confinements. This is the underlying theme of our school song….We at aspire aim higher and higher……

Let’s not wait for things to happen, let’s make things happen. That’s what education is all about. It is your training ground of life. These formative years in school teach the most important life skills of critical thinking, problem-solving, team spirit, and emotional maturity.

The children of today are gearing up to become adult citizens of tomorrow. Their growth is parallel to the future of nations. AIIS strongly believes in the stimulation of curiosity in the young, impressionable minds and equip them with skills to face the challenges of life. This school and your team of teachers will make learning a joyful experience.

But most important, each child is unique, is different, is special, and is beautiful. At AIIS, we respect, nurture and celebrate this difference. So, go follow your dreams. This world is waiting for you. Go light your lamp.

Be happy always and may your happiness grow with each passing day.

Blessings in abundance for my young aspirants.

Anju Dheman